Becoming Your True Self

The Secret to Achieving Your Greatest Goals

What if I told you that every single day of your life, beginning today, can be a triumphant manifestation of you at your best?

Of you performing at a glorious level of energy, enthusiasm, competence, commitment, passion? That you could finish today flush with the appreciation of how much effort you put in, that you had given all you could and accomplished as much as you possibly could, and with a cheerful, can-do attitude? Would it matter, if you had a day like that, even if every response to you was a no, if you made no visible progress toward your goals? Or would you take pride in your commitment, your caring, your attention to the important things no matter how small, recognizing that in every ‘no’ you learned something you can apply tomorrow, and knowing that in the long run you will not fail? That in some meaningful way you brought joy to one person? Or three? Or a thousand?

Our Mission

To help people find their purpose,
and to give them a system to fulfill it every day.

This website is designed to help you to realize your desire for an abundant and fulfilling life. Use it as a tool, as you should any resource you have. Let it guide you, whether through exercises, lifestyle changes, knowledge, or recommendations. And let it entertain you, when you have a few spare minutes and need a break.

This website is also designed for you to be able to take action very quickly toward improving your life. So many websites you visit or books you read lead to more reading, to more classes, more and more work, without leading you to actions that will directly benefit you now. While some of the posts are here for your enjoyment, most are potent self-contained chunks of information of proven value which you can immediately incorporate into your life, or things you can ponder that may lead to greater insights.

If you don’t know where to begin, start with this page on our sister site: This treatise will help you to understand the purpose of our sites, and to begin your journey toward a more fulfilling life.

2 Spare Minutes was created with the intent of helping people to improve their lives by making the most of their spare moments. While the main site area will provide valuable content for many of your pairs of spare minutes, we think that you will gain the most long-term value from our 5-Day Series, Becoming Your True Self. Our book, 3 Steps to Success, and the 2 Spare Minutes Academy, also go more in-depth to give you life-changing knowledge.

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