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Wallace Wattles – The Science of Getting Rich

Author Jen Sincero said this about The Science of Getting Rich:

The very first sentence of this book made me slam it shut and leave it untouched for years.

…This is now easily the book I recommend to people the most, and the one I read over and over.

Well, it is the one I also recommend most. And I read a few pages from it every single day, in the morning, as a motivator to think and do the things that day which will lead to a fulfilling life.

I first read The Science of Getting Rich early in 2017, and it has already had an enormous impact on my life. While most of the ideas and thoughts on this site have been germinating in my mind for years, The Science of Getting Rich was the catalyst that drove me to create it. I hope that you read it, and I hope that it changes your life as it has mine.

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