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Squats facing wall

Can be done pretty much anywhere – even without a wall. Most clothing is fine, and warm-up is not necessary. This is a great, quick exercise that you can do several times every day. It will energize you, and also open up your hips and back.

  1. Face the wall, with feet at shoulder width and toes about 10 inches away from the wall.
  2. Twist your toes outward – by which your feet don’t really move but you are drilling into the floor with an outward twisting force. This will prevent your knees from collapsing inward when you do the squats.
  3. Hold your hands above your head, aligned with your body, as if you are a volleyball player blocking at the net. This will aid you in keeping your back erect.
  4. Slowly squat, as low as you can without difficulty, then push back to an upright position. Make especially sure that your knees stay as wide as your feet, and don’t collapse in.
  5. You will feel a challenge in your lower back as you strain to stay upright. This is a good challenge, it will help to open up your back. You may also lose balance and  fall backward. This is fine, it’s all part of learning a new exercise and making your body do things it hasn’t been doing recently, returning it to the way it should be.
  6. You can also try spreading your feet a little wider, pointing your toes outward, and moving closer to the wall. But always keep in mind that outward rotation in your toes, to prevent your knees from collapsing in.
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