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Scott Adams – How to Fail…

Scott Adams is the well-known creator of Dilbert. In addition to Dilbert’s comic strip commentary on the workplace Scott wrote several books on the topic. More recently he has shown himself to be curious about basically everything, and has a blog on which he shares thoughts on a huge variety of topics at

In one of his more recent books Scott addressed what he subtitled ‘Kind of the Story of My Life’, an explanation of what he did to become successful. Scott set a strategy for success at an early age. We see the end result of so many success stories, yet do not really appreciate that individual’s process which led to that success. We see only Dilbert, and not the other failed enterprises, the rejections, and everything else that went into it. And we see a confident, successful person and do not recognize that he wants success so much that he is willing to look silly, that he is willing to stand in front of an audience knowing that for the past few years he has struggled with an inability to speak to people (as Adams was diagnosed in 2005). This book can help you set up your own strategy for success.

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