Stretch me out!

Got a knot, an ache, or a tight spot? Try this.

Note that each stretch has information at the top as to where you can do it. Some might be a bit inappropriate at the office. Or hilarious, depending on your personality and your office mates'.

Muscle massage – Sternocostal head of pectoralis major

What the heck is a sternocostal pecto-something???

It’s your shoulder muscle on the front of your chest – above your pecs and below your collarbone. And if you do a lot of computer work it probably is very tight.

Feel the muscle on your upper right chest with your left hand about 2-3” below your collarbone and halfway between your neck and shoulder. Does it feel sore? Give it a massage with your left hand, dig your fingers and thumb deep in there and push around. Aaahhh. Move all around, a few inches each direction, and feel for tight and sore spots to rub.

Now extend your right arm, move it in various directions as you continue to massage. Feel for spots that need work.

Do a little on your other side too, but focus on the side you write, text, and mouse with.

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