2 Spare Minutes

What motivates you?

What gets you going when nothing else will?

Create a bookmarks folder on your browser and name it Motivation. Then save anything that inspires you to the folder, so you will have a wealth of motivation at your fingertips.

See our favorites below. And let us know your favorites! Email them to dan@2spareminutes.com.

Need a great quote? Check out our quotes page. Find one that resonates with you and ponder on it.

  • Thank you

    Track how many times you say ‘thank you’ over the next 5 days. Put a reminder in your phone for 5 days from now, and keep track.

  • Call someone who needs it

    Feeling down?

    Make a list of 5 people who would drop whatever they are doing, right now, to take your call.
    Why don’t you call one of them? No need to tell them why, just that you thought of them and want […]

  • Tim Ferriss’ 17 Questions that Changed my Life

    If you haven’t heard of Tim Ferriss you need to. He has interviewed everyone, in all areas of life and on all topics. He has some fantastic books out (see below for three) that contain thousands of useful tidbits.
    I put […]

  • Colonel Sanders and KFC

    Colonel Sanders started KFC at age 66
    At age 66 Harlan (Colonel) Sanders had been a fairly successful small businessman, but due to unfortunate events was flat broke with only his social security income to live on. That’s when he started […]

  • How to have Grit, from a SEAL platoon commander

    How to have Grit, from a SEAL platoon commander
    1. Purpose and meaning. It’s easier to be persistent when what we’re doing is tied to something personally meaningful.
    2. Make it a game. It’s the best way to stay in a competitive […]

  • Are you using Your 2 Spare Minutes wisely?

    Hey! Yeah you! I’ve seen you on this website for a while now.
    While this site is a great tool for you when you have those spare minutes, have you thought about planning ahead? So that when you find yourself with […]

  • Be Prepared! For a day filled with distractions

    Begin each day by telling yourself: Today I shall be meeting with interference, ingratitude, insolence, disloyalty, ill-will, and selfishness… – Marcus Aurelius
    Know that these things will come today. Have a plan to deal with them so they don’t sabotage your […]

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