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Goal setting

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to write down a list of goals that are very important to you, with a deadline. Here is a quick how-to, although you should spend as much time as you need in writing them down, revisiting a couple of times before you are satisfied that you have a comprehensive set that will inspire and motivate you every time you read them.

First, take a quick look at this page:, then come back here for instructions.

Now write down 5 – 10 goals that you have thought about, things that are very important to you. You will probably have a couple of really big goals like increasing your income or a big event or trip, and others like health or physical goals or purchases you want to be able to afford. Maybe you have done something toward some of the goals but haven’t yet fully realized them.
Pick a date, 2, 3, maybe 6 months from now, that will force you to focus on completing these goals to get there but is possible. Barely possible. Write them down, like this:
By MONTH DAY, YEAR, I will –
1. Goal 1
2. Goal 2
3. Goal 3
Make the goals specific, like ‘I will earn $X in one month’, or ‘my salary will be $Y’, or ‘I will run X miles.
Put all this in a format that you can easily access no matter where you are, probably on your phone and maybe in more than one place. Read it every morning. And then read it as often as you want or need to during the day. Make this the focus of your ‘leisure time’, in other words all the time that you don’t need to be focused on something else. Commit to this and you may be amazed at what you are capable of!

You can also create another set of goals with a different time frame, perhaps a year or two. These goals will likely have some relation to those on your first list whether building on the short-terms goals or coming up as a next goal.

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