Stretch me out!

Got a knot, an ache, or a tight spot? Try this.

Note that each stretch has information at the top as to where you can do it. Some might be a bit inappropriate at the office. Or hilarious, depending on your personality and your office mates'.

Forearm massage

Do this anytime, anywhere.

Do you spend way too much time on the computer, or texting/playing games on your phone? First, recognize that computers and phones are tools that you can and should use to make your life better, not to be consumed by. Using them less will mean far less need for forearm massage. But this massage feels wonderful anyway, so enjoy it regularly when you have 2 Spare Minutes.

Cradle your right forearm in your left hand, fingers underneath and thumb on top. Press down with your thumb, massage along the length of your forearm and in circles. Feel for the spots that need it most and concentrate on them. Don’t push too hard – as you do this more you will learn what works for you. Try massaging the inside of your arm with your fingers. Experiment with opening and closing the fingers of your right hand as you massage, also moving your wrist in different directions. Search for spots that need mobilization, take your time and feel them release. Give it a full minute, searching for and focusing on spots that really need it. Oooh-oooh-oooh-oooh yeah, that’s the spot. Aaah. Now switch arms and repeat.

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