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Finding yourself


Do you ever find yourself distracted by petty thoughts? Political frustrations, squabbles among friends or family, worries about money? Like all the time?

You are not alone. We all do that. The challenge is to return to focus on what is important to you, what is valuable to you, so you can enjoy life more fully.

Have you ever been in a guided meditation? The guide knows that you are going to be distracted, over and over, so reminds you to be aware of what you are thinking about. And if you start thinking of distracting things then notice it and just stop. Don’t punish yourself, just go back to a positive mindset. Over and over. Sometimes within seconds you will be distracted again. Just go back. Don’t be frustrated, just recognize that this is part of the learning process.

Try being mindful, being aware of your thoughts for the rest of today. And see how it changes your day, and whether you decide to do anything different for tomorrow.

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