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Recommended books:

Shop 3 Steps to Success     3 Steps to Success, by Dan Stirling

Shop Wattles     Wattles: The Science of Getting Rich

Shop Carnegie     Carnegie: The Quick & Easy Way to Effective Speaking

Shop Adams     Adams: How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big

Shop Sincero     Sincero: You are a Badass

Shop Sincero     Sincero: You are a Badass at Making Money

Shop Washington     Washington: Up From Slavery

Shop Cialdini     Cialdini: Pre-Suasion

Shop McKeown     McKeown: Essentialism

Shop Holiday     Holiday: The Obstacle is The Way

Recommended Pull-up bar:

Shop Pull-up Bar     ProsourceFit Upper Body Workout Bar

Also, if you haven’t seen Office Space you really should:

Shop Office Space     Office Space DVD

Other links from the book:

Global data:

Stock ETFs:

Lifehacker – wake up!:

Motivational video – sorry, the video is no longer available – but here is the song from the video which is pretty powerful:

Full SEAL Grit article:

Meditation app:

2 Spare Minutes emails:

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