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10 harmless mind tricks that make people like you

As soon as you become aware of these 10 tricks, they start popping up wherever you look. With minimal effort on your part, their unconscious influence on behavior can make a huge difference in your day-to-day life.

1. When a group of people laughs, each member of the group can’t help but make eye contact with the person they feel closest to

2. When someone does a favor for you, it actually makes them like you more

3. Silence gets answers

4. Open hands and palms create trust

5. Nodding your head during a conversation or when asking a question makes the other person more likely to agree with what you’re saying

6. People remember unfinished things better

7. Chew gum to relax and focus

8. People’s feet reveal their interest

9. When you meet someone new, work their name into the conversation in order to remember it

 10. Showing excitement makes other people like you

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